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Candy Cane Lane Thread Kit by Fil-Tec Pre Sale Stitch It Up VA

Candy Cane Lane Thread Kit by Fil-Tec

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Candy Cane Lane Thread Kit 
By Hab+ Dash

This Glide thread collection coordinates with Kimberbell’s whimsical Candy Cane Lane Bench Pillow. Each Glide color, handpicked by Kimberbell, celebrates all the wonder of the holiday season!

Trilobal Polyester Top Thread - No. 40
Glide 1,000m - 10 Colors
Contains 10 Glide Mini Spools:

71935 Wildflower
65483 Tidewater
60624 Mint Julep
71775 Taffy
67748 Sage
32151 Marlin
17527 Cashmere
27518 Coffee Bean
80120 Cornflower
10002 Super White